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Print Form CONTRACTOR S FINAL RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIEN Project/ Owner Project Address Owner Contractor Name Contractor Licence Contract Date // TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN For good and valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged the undersigned Contractor hereby waives discharges and releases any and all liens claims and rights to liens against the above-mentioned project and any and all other property owned by or the title to which is in the name of...
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Who needs a Final release and waiver of lien?

The final waiver of lien is used by a contractor or subcontractor involved in a construction project. The contractor fills out this form to certify that he has received all necessary payments due under the contract and waives any lien rights to the owner’s property.

What is the purpose of the Final waiver of lien form?

This form indicates the amount of money received by the contractor and certifies that the contractor waives, discharges, and releases any and all liens, claims and rights to liens against the given project.

Is the Final waiver of lien accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to accompany the final waiver of lien form with any other documents.

When is the Final waiver of lien due?

There is no deadline for signing the contractor’s final release and waiver of lien as no date is specified. The form should be completed when all payments under the contract were received by the contractor.

How do I fill out the Final waiver template?

This form consists of one page. The contractor should provide the following information:

  • Name of the project

  • Address of the project

  • Name of the project’s owner

  • Name of the contractor

  • Address of the contractor

  • Contractor’s license

  • Contract date

  • The sum of the contract

This form should be signed and dated by the contractor as well who has to indicate the title and name.

Where do I send the Final waiver of lien?

Once completed and signed, this form should be directed to project’s owner and a copy may be kept for the contractor’s records.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing lien release forms
Instructions and Help about contractor release of lien form
Hey everyone JP Moses with REI tips and REI logy and over here on this side of me I got Brian the Wisconsin guy Mayan vital hey CP it's like we just met or something the reality is not only is his name listed above his head in this image, but Bryan has been a friend of mine for years we met quite a number of years ago at an in a restaurant actually in Baltimore we were both at a Steve cook event he is one of my fellow flip VIPs for those of you who tuned into the ass the flip fibs calls he's also a faculty member at REI logy calm he helped us out with the deal evaluation intensive he does a crap load of short sales in the Wisconsin area also does some transactional funding at is it get all the money you need ever for your entire life for your deals calm what is it okay cash for my closing calm — my closincommunistigreatat deal on transactional funding the reason I asked main here is that he shared a form with a number of us in the flip flips the other day somebody you know we just have a private little email group, and we'll if we need a form that we don't have we'll shoot a request out and somebody asked for a lien waiver that we could use for getting a contractor actually to waive a potential contractors lien and Brian shot went over, and I said hey man we need to add I realized I didn't have one of these in my packet of form that I like to give to my friends and family, so I said can I add this to my packet of forms he graciously said yes, and I said in that case let me go ahead and assume the sale and that is that you will get on the video with me and kind of just talk about the philosophy of using a form like this, so before we take a look at the form let me just ask you my friend how have you used or how would you use a lien waiver such as this in your real estate investing endeavors I am very, very simple form I use it all the time and with my coaching students what I tell them is anytime you're handing a tech out of one hand to a contractor in the other hand at the same time you're getting back this lien waiver, so it's very, very important it's very, very simple but if you don't use it is can haunt you down the road so just get in the habit of every time you're cutting a check to one of your people are providing a service at one of your properties make sure you get that lien waiver plus when you go to close at least here in Wisconsin the title companies want copies of all of your lien waivers from all of your contractors, so you need them for that as well now tell me why you would need a lien waiver besides to meet that requirement I mean just paint a picture for those who may not be familiar with what the risk is in dealing with contractors and their liens sure you could simply as you know you pay a know your cement guy to pour a new sidewalk, and you don't sign the lien waiver you pay the guy, and he comes back to you and says he's never gotten paid before, and it's just a very easy form and say yes I was paid he's got, or you go sell...
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